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Graustufen Podcast

visual identity for graustufen podcast


Polybius is a project that presents 4 spaces with decoration and materials reminiscent of the decade of the 80s, in the midst of the the golden age of video games. We have played with fabrics, inflatable shapes and different types of lighting to create a contemporary atmosphere of those years.

BDN Badalona Comunicaci

and a few more biro drawings...

canary islands V


The Adventures of Pinocchio #1

Artist Statement: Over the years, l realize that I tend to create my art in narrative way. Telling stories and sharing my feelings through my illustration is where my passion is. I strive to communicate universally by using my art as a visual language. / About this Project:This illustration collection is for the original version of "the Adventures of Pinocchio" written Italian writer Carlo Collodi in 1883.

59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The visual identity of the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival is based on a simple thought. The celebration of the small wonder that is the celluloid. Our main focus was to glorify the camera film, to emphasize its use, to show how this humble and unadorned item holds the essence of filmmaking and storytelling. A roll film holds into its frames countless emotions, stories, real and imaginative worlds which through motion come to life. The posters were flooded with dancing film rolls, unveiling hidden images, celebrating cinema like festive ribbons.

NARS Radiance

Our Mallorca

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