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Abandoned Blade Runner 02

Wrangler On My Booty

Creating a bespoke typographic language for a cultural phenomenon.Lil Nas X's monster hit "Old Town Road" has become a cultural phenomenon. Having spent seven consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song continues to push conversations about what "country" sounds and looks like today.When we first heard the track, we immediately felt a strong connection between its story and Wrangler?not only because of the explicit "Wrangler On My booty" namecheck, but also because of Wrangler's deep roots in the American West, and how it's evolving over time. Our "Wrangler On My Booty" experience is a fun way of bringing the relationship between "Old Town Road" and Wrangler to life.We created a bold and simple Western inspired typographic voice that ties the full experience and identity together.


Breaking in 010

"American Animals" alternative take

A series of portraits and alternative movie posters based on "American Animals" story.

Rainville Sangar

Youth Generation TV ND 2019 Launching

Younger today than yesterdayYouth Generation TV (????TV) is a new channel targeted for seniors. For this project we used Korean character '??' from the channel name and created its logo and network identity according to the shape. This Star-like shape '??' shines, rotates, expands to represent active seniors who are young at heart.If you are old enough, you might be able to recognize parodies from the old movies such as Edwards Scissorhands, Ghost, Drunken Master.

ASSAI ? Modica Chocolate

For these six delicious chocolate bars, crafted by the wise hands of chocolate masters, we imagined six dauntless knights, Our design is deeply inspired by Sicilian tradition, merging the precious cold processed Modica chocolate with the classic Opera dei Pupi, a historical representation of legendary poems? such as Song of Roland and Orlando Furioso ? featuring Charlemagne and his paladini.


3D character design explorations done in the first half of 2019.


Sand dunes are formed as a result of the Earth's erosional and depositional forces. Rock is eroded by physical and chemical processes like wind and water.  Sand dunes are formed as a result of the wind blowing these particles along the Earth's surface.  Depending on the size of the particle, the sand particles may stay in the wind for quite some time.  At some point, they find their way to the Earths surface, largely due to the force of gravity.  Dune formations may vary, according to the strength of the wind and the size of the sand particles.  For a short time at sunrise and sunset the formations creating deep and long shadows and the color of the sand turns into a glowing orange.
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